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Jam Tracks: A Songwriting Tool

Playing along to “Jam Tracks” which has your instrument of choice removed is a great way to practice and explore songs in a contextualized manner. However, “Jam Tracks” can also be great songwriting tools. Now, we naturally gravitate towards jam tracks of songs that we know and wish to play. Makes sense! But the key to this exercise is to select jam tracks of songs that you do not know. Preferably, these tracks would also have the vocals removed (this is pretty common). So what you are left with is a rhythm track to which you are totally unfamiliar. Perfect! Listen, jam along, compose a melody, write some lyrics, etc. This can be a lot of fun, especially since you can eventually compare your melodies/lyrics to the actual song! And perhaps most importantly, some of the ideas you may stumble upon may be transferable to your own original compositions.

Happy jamming!


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