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Exploring Drum Loops for Songwriting Inspiration

For the past few years I’ve been working more and more with drum loops. Initially, I was looking for specific loops to realize the drums and percussion ideas in my head. But I quickly discovered the potential for drum loops as a songwriting tool. Rather than searching for a drum beat to fit an existing song, I began exploring drum loops to inspire new songs. For me, doing this has inspired all sorts of riffs, structural arrangements and grooves that I would not have thought of otherwise.

My absolute favourite drum loop source is Drums On Demand.

As an exercise, try this: Visit and select a drum loop style and check out the audio samples. As the samples play, have an instrument in hand and just play and/or sing along…play something, anything! See what happens! Because the demo audio samples have all sorts of fills and changes, all sorts of fun and wacky things will happen…and some cool things might happen too! I recently did this very exercise with the Drums on Demand “Indie Pop Drums” set and I stumbled upon some really cool riffs and arrangement ideas. Once you discover some drum loops that inspire you, you can purchase the complete set to fully explore your new song ideas!

Give it a try!

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